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what is the difference between C++ and objective c

Great app Idea

I have searched high and low for this certain app idea that I have... Can't find it anywhere. This has to be a gold mine. I can't believe no one has done this yet. It is simple yet can and WILL be used...

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what future scope of objective c

what future scope of objective c

Calling a c-function from Objective C

Hi, I need a simple example where I call a c-function from with my Objective C code. All advice will be appreciated.

Reading a textile line by line

Hi, I need to read a ascii text file line by line. The data read should be stored in an Array, where each entry represents a single in the file. NSString offers support to read the whole file content...

Mac Emulator

Where is the best place to download a Mac emulator with instructions on installation for my PC?

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what is the difference in between c and objective c

i want to develop iphone applications

Cocos2d Parallax Tutorial

Anyone have a good link to a Cocos2d Parallax tutorial? Looking for something that would pan the background, a few mid ground and a foreground sprite images. Thanks!

xCode 4 Help.

When I ran my application in xCode 4, using debug,profile and analyze all of it seems to just work fine. However every time I tried to build it using Archive, the result won't run on my Mac. The application...

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